Suzanne Hamilton Podiatry

Suzanne Hamilton Podiatry

Suzanne Hamilton Podiatry

Suzanne asked us to help her figure out what her business should look and feel like. One of only two in NI holding a Podiatric Sports Medicine degree from QMUL, she is one of the most educated and respected names in physiotherapy or sports recovery in the country. 

After spending time at Chelsea FC, she swapped Stamford Bridge for Seaview and now works with Crusaders as a key part of their first-team. Opening a new studio meant Suzanne was ready for the next step in an ambitious and diverse career, and wanted a brand to match.



Belfast, UK

When Suzanne first got in touch, we joked it was time to rebrand feet. We weren’t wrong.


We built the brand identity anchored by a graphic device loosely resembling a pair of footprints to form an H. This device is entirely fluid, and has been chopped and remixed to allow for multiple applications across print, web, social media and signage.


Early on in the project, we had a discussion with Suzanne about how we wanted to be unlike any other podiatrist – and what that meant in a physical sense. 

Suzanne makes sure that her clients put their best foot forward. We made sure her brand did too. 

Our first impression was to work from Suzanne’s north star metric – performance. 

Enter the Nike Air Zoom AlphaFly Next%.

If we were going to take influence from anything, it should be the world’s most advanced running shoe. As a way of saying thanks, and leaving a footprint of our own, we bought Suzanne a pair to keep in her studio.

Suzanne Hamilton

Hundred Studio helped me break the stereotype associated with foot health in sport. They created a brand that I’m incredibly proud to stand behind.”

Suzanne Hamilton

Owner, Suzanne Hamilton Podiatry