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Battletown Gallery

Battletown Gallery

Buying art isn’t easy. When you’re dealing with such a subjective medium it can be impossible to know what you’re looking for, where to find it, or how to buy it. 

We were approached to create a new chapter in Battletown Gallery’s history, opening the doors to a younger, online audience and introducing the world of art in a new way.

Battletown Gallery is an established art gallery offering a curated collection of pieces from artists across Ireland. After fifteen years of serving a multitude of clients, it was time to rethink the brand’s positioning. 



Newtonards, UK

Housed in a 19th-century converted coach house, the gallery showcases some of Ireland’s most well-respected and up-and-coming artists in an idyllic setting.


The existing brand focused on the rolling hills surrounding the location but made no reference to the artworks found within. We saw an opportunity to create a brand that acts as wayfinding in every instance – instead of asking for your attention, it draws you towards the artwork. 

How could we design a new identity that draws people towards a different point of interest? 

Looking at the activation of the new brand was critical to our approach – the identity had to take a back seat to the artwork on display during events, exhibitions or even alongside artwork on receipts or information cards. 

With a flexible system that doesn’t rely on the brandmark to be used at all times, a strong typeface was needed to uphold the brand. Enter Mabry, a geometric sans-serif that is ‘simultaneously contemporary and historic’ –  reflecting the brand perfectly and bringing all the elements together. Paired with the brandmark as a ‘frame’ it enhances and showcases artwork and imagery.


This brand is further brought to life with an easily managed e-commerce website built on Squarespace. The site is managed with a phone or tablet, including the management of online + offline orders, inventory management and email marketing. By allowing people to experience the gallery without the journey to the coach house, we created an online moment that brings the artwork to life on your screen. 

Battletown Gallery is (and will be) to so many people, where you meet art. We created a brand that never gets in the way of it.

Photo credit: Elyse Kennedy

Alison McFerran

“We’re so pleased to work with Hundred Studio. The young, contemporary approach is exactly what the gallery needed after fifteen years. Now everyone can see the direction we’re going in.”

Alison McFerran

Owner, Battletown Gallery