Laugh like you mean it

Paste Dental

Paste Dental

Root canals and fillings are never welcomed with a smile. 

Paste is a cosmetic and restorative dental practice challenging age-old stereotypes, and what to expect from that reclining chair. 



Belfast, UK


We created Paste from name to activation. The holistic approach to brand allowed us to influence delivery across service, marketing, brand positioning and environment.

The main focus for the project was creating a dental brand that people wanted to engage with. Our goal? Create the dentist of choice for influencers, and their audiences.

In a world where everything has the opportunity to become a part of our curated lifestyle, why has dental wellness never been a part of the conversation?


Developing everything from stationery to signage, we were able to guide and consult the client on achieving one key deliverable – an experience like no other.

We got deep with execution – collaborating with architectural firms and interior designers, designing wayfinding and internal brand moments. Above it all, we made sure that an Instagrammable moment was within reach in every corner of the studio, and every interaction outside of it. 

Because when you’ve got something worth showing off, you should.

Paste Dental is the changing face of dentistry. And it’s smiling.

Alan Clarke

Hundred Studio have been a key part of our journey. Their attention to detail, and cultural and social awareness really set them apart in the market, helping us break the norms to achieve a disruptive solution.”

Alan Clarke

Founder, Paste Dental