There’s over 800,000 self-employed and contract staff in the UK construction sector. They operate using a mix of forms, notes and receipts to manage not only themselves but sub-contractors and projects too. It’s no surprise that the construction sector is a logistical nightmare.

Enter Workstream. It’s an all-in-one solution that offers a paperless future in the industry. We partnered with Workstream to deliver a brand identity that builds trust, increases visibility and empowers growth – for Workstream and its users. 



Belfast, UK

The construction industry is run on paper. Document and resource management is an integral but often overlooked piece of the puzzle for contract and management teams – so contractors and subcontractors end up managing their own time, resources, materials and costs. There’s a better way to do this.


Offering a digital end-to-end management platform doesn’t just alleviate workload but removes risk, increases visibility, and ultimately helps everyone get paid faster.

Workstream chose to prioritise its visual identity as a springboard for the product’s launch and upcoming seed funding journey. We went deep into the business and found that UX design for the application and platform would be a critical avenue for success – and something we could help bring in to offer a more complete solution.


We created an identity that allows Workstream to grow, to build on its success until now and unlock new opportunities – to level up. 

The new visual identity is built on solid foundations – an engineered visual language is created by using the angular yet humanist IBM Plex typeface as the main brand font. Using the traits of the font to inspire the brand mark and application with contrasting straight with curved corners in graphic devices and iconography. 

We created social media assets, pitch documents, case studies and a simple one-page website for both lead generation and as a driver for funding. By streamlining our budget spend across the marketing mix, we were able to spend time designing screens and UX interfaces for the platform, creating a design system for the development team to align the platform not just to the new brand. 

Now, the future of the construction industry is paperless.

Danny Stuart

“We were blown away by the clear and concise way in which Hundred Studio delivered our project. The ideas and feel were on point and helped in the decision-making process of our brand.”

Danny Stuart

Founder, Workstream