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‘Of All Time’ changes the face of Irish jewellery. Collaborating with the brains behind Mullan Lighting, we created, designed, populated and launched a jewellery brand to put a small town in Monaghan on the global scene. 

OAT is a brand build upon history, craftsmanship, and a pioneering approach to business.



Mullan, Ireland

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Partnering with parent company Mullan, we knew that this brand needed a fresh take. The jewellery market is cluttered with D2C brands offering the best quality, lowest prices, and a million other things all rolled into one. We knew that we had to meet the market with a brand that stood out, kept focus on quality, and allowed the “moment” to take centre stage.

The logomark reminds us of jewellery – a ring, a necklace, earrings. Almost every piece of jewellery is a closed loop, from chain to link, so we started there and brought it into every brand moment.

Jewellery is a timeless gift and a perfect loop. We made sure every piece and every moment felt like it could last forever.

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Spending time in naming discussions allowed us to understand not just who was making the brand, but who it was for. Jewellery is one of the most widely used gifting channels for landmark occasions, and the idea of timelessness was always in front of us. We leaned in, pairing this idea of “forever gifts” to the geographical history of the brand’s headquarters – a rural Irish village where the soil you walk on carries its own legacy. 

Irish produce, namely things like flax, linen, and wheat are always cues for a deep, nostalgic feeling; put it this way – OAT made sense.

Alongside a durable and expansive brand identity, we designed and built a bespoke Shopify solution with two things at the forefront; clean design and optimised performance. The site meets the most strict performance standards, all whilst offering a beautiful and considered visual experience for the user.