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Ena Florence

Ena Florence

After years spent working in the film industry, Mary Florence Brown wanted to move into the world of homewares with a contemporary brand influenced by the cultural treasures of the ancient Celts and Anglo Saxons.

Creating luxurious wallpapers using one of Europe’s oldest print mills and offering a variety of ways to upgrade your home with something brand new and truly unique? That got us excited.



Los Angeles, USA

A tale of old; of destination and origin, of a brave new world and the beauty of timeless ideas.


Mary’s experience focuses on art direction – primarily for the film industry. Not long after wrapping Don’t Worry Darling, Mary decided it was time to do something she’d always wanted to do; create a brand that had a place in the modern era to reflect her Irish heritage and pay tribute to the prints, colours and embossing she remembered from growing up.

We kicked off on a zoom call between Belfast and Los Angeles, discussing the options, aesthetic, brand personality and and got stuck right in. The outcome is equal parts Gothic and welcoming, using typography to stand out and create a canvas for the wallpaper, prints, and products to really take centre stage.


This new visual identity was then paired with collaborative efforts in art direction, and a bespoke e-commerce site to allow people from all over the world to view, explore and purchase in an intuitive, easy way. 

It was essential to ensure that the brand’s Irish identity remained consistent throughout, so we focused on three key principles; Ceangal, Oidhreachta & Fréamhacha. They’re beautiful Irish words with deep meaning and act as a simple but poignant reminder of the Ireland Mary has brought with her to LA, and onto every set she’s ever set foot on.

Now, she’s bringing those values to your home.

Mary Florence Brown

Hundred Studio helped us navigate how to tie all of the loose ends of our full creative vision together. They created something elegant, clean and just pushing past the edge of contemporary.”

Mary Florence Brown

Founder, Ena Florence