A double shot of standing out

XIX Vodka

XIX Vodka

XIX is a premium, 5x distilled vodka by the Sidemen. We had the opportunity to create something that stood XIX apart from other competitors in the luxury spirits market.

It’s smooth – really, really smooth. Ours is over ice with lime and tonic, if you’re asking.



London, UK

We positioned XIX as a challenger to the stereotypical vodka and spirits brands in its price range, focusing on the aesthetic of the product and audience instead of repeating facts about distillation.


Our work leaned heavily on eye-catching design, strong imagery and the use of motion design to draw eyes towards the product. Across billboards, digital screens, social media and more, our approach was always modular – meaning that elements could continue to be reused, repurposed and redefined as needs change or adapt over time.

We had to make something that worked harder than the competition – so instead of making single assets that could run out of impact, we designed a system that keeps evolving as the brand does too.

Michael Stalker

Hundred Studio weren’t just diligent to our brand and needs, but so in tune with the latest design and animation trends that they brought a fresh feel to a traditionally formulaic trade placement. We loved working with them.”

Michael Stalker

Head of Marketing, XIX Vodka