Giving, reimagined

Karma Fund

Karma Fund

Karma Fund Foundation is an NYC-based charity fund addressing global income inequality. Direct giving and withdrawal allows donors to offer flexibility to those in need. This flexibility is realised on their open platform, and through an easy payment and withdrawal website.

Delivering true impact by giving directly to those in need.



New York, USA

Giving is at the heart of Karma Fund Foundation. The brandmark represents open hands, a sharing bowl—balance restored. An identity for common ground, and a bigger purpose.


By taking the “Pay it forward” approach and bringing it into the digital age, Karma Fund Foundation are redesigning how people give and receive money. 

We helped create an identity and website design to open doors, open minds and rethink how people can help each other. Giving which goes deeper than a donation.

We created a brand that allows the human, connected nature of the fund to rise to the forefront. This brand manifests in a direct, intuitive website built with one goal in mind – making giving and receiving easy.

The easier it is to give, the more likely we are to do it. It lets people give and receive in a way that changes how we see giving.