Definitely not another club night

Harbour Music Society

Harbour Music Society

Dance music is a saturated market. As global DJs become more and more driven by ego and status, the underground scene needs a voice. Harbour Music Society is an independent music and PR agency creating campaigns for releases, labels, festivals, and clubs across the UK and Europe.

Harbour approached us to help with their social media strategy. We did that strategy. And then we created a bespoke website, social media templates, animations and photography. 

Brand activation in a scene full of people trying to make noise.



Belfast, UK

Weather maps are infrared images produced to highlight air pressure and weather conditions. These maps follow a coloured key to describe weak or strong conditions – heavily influencing the colour palette. Topographic maps act as an interesting texture throughout each post and as visual devices on the website.


We created a topographic and infrared design language to be used across social media and online.

Harbour’s content is anchored in this language. Artists nowadays need to be social media strategists, influencers, tour managers and more. And they need to make good music. 

Harbour takes care of PR, so artists and labels can focus on what matters – the music.