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A guide to creative salaries in Belfast

We’ve all looked for a job. We’ve all wanted more information. We’ve all read the generic copy and paste job description. Have we got enough experience? What’s the salary?

Guess what – there’s no details on seniority and salary is of course, dependent on experience.

On our local design Slack, 80% of job posts in the last six months had no salary listed. The goal of this survey is to make local employers advertise jobs with information on salary, experience and expectations.

We want you to know your worth. Let’s take the stress out of jobs and finances, and see if you’re being looked after.

This survey was conducted in March–April 2021, with a total of 78 responses.

Our survey got a great response – with a range of disciplines, experience and seniority. A perfect 50/50 gender split had us smiling, and getting responses from new starts and veterans alike made this a truly diverse survey group.

Headline stats

• 50/50 gender split

It was really positive to learn that there was no discernible gap (in our survey) in salary between male and female.

• Interns can expect £12-18k
• Juniors can expect £19-25k
• Midweights can expect £26-32k
• Seniors can expect £34-40k
• Management can expect £38k+

This report may be a reality check to some, or a welcome boost to others. With that said, the findings should be considered as minimums – a solid baseline.

Your role doesn’t define your talent. Being a junior is great. If you’re in a good working environment, be a sponge and take the time to learn. Location and industry choices may pay more, they may pay less.

Our advice, make sure you get your fair share.

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— Craig