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1% for the Planet

Better business for the planet.

Announcing our pledge and membership to 1% for the Planet.

1% for the Planet is a global movement, certifying donations and amplifying the impact of those who do good for the environment in their network. We’re delighted to finally join, donating 1% of our total revenue (not just profit) each year.

To date, members have invested $250+ million in environmental non-profits. We want to do our one percent, always trying to do better – marginal gains, pushing the needle.

It’s why we set up the business in the first place; to do better, to be better. Since day one, we’ve been proud to help local creatives and deliver pro-bono work for not-for-profit organisations.

Being business owners lends itself to a new kind of responsibility; looking after the place we temporarily call home.

The best thing is that we can now make that call, supporting causes we believe in. Giving 1% isn’t much, but there’s power in numbers.

We’d love to chat to other businesses about signing up and encourage everyone to check out 1% for the Planet to find out more. They offer individual membership as well as business membership.

For now, we’ll continue to look at how best we can place Hundred Studio in our sustainability plans for the future.


Craig + Gregg